One quick question...

Are you strapping your squared cooler, squared luggage, your squared boxes and bins on to a rounded luggage carrier?

Everything sits cockeyed, on an angle, tilted to one side... And I need to tell you, it looks like it's gonna fall off your car!

That's just wrong!

Flat Racks by Rusties Autowerkstatt are truly unique as they solve the most obvious problems found with literally every vintage style roof rack or luggage carrier available today. We've redesigned our luggage carriers to have a flat and level surface that not only fixes the obvious issue, but also increased the usable loadable surface area.

All of our racks and ladders are hand made in Canada by automotive enthusiasts and test fit before they leave our shop. We use only the highest of quality metals and take pride in each and every bend we make, weld we lay and item we build.

Volkswagen Bus - All Years Shipping Dimensions (inches) Weight Images Price
HWE Style Full Rack 110" 16" x 55" x 111.5" 27kg a b c d e $975.00
HWE Style 2/3 Rack 78" 16" x 55" x 79.5" 20kg $775.00
HWE Style 1/2 Rack 50" 16" x 55" x51.5" 15kg a b c $575.00
HWE Style Singlecab Rack 20" 16" x 55" x 21.5" 8kg $465.00
HWE Style Singlecab Rounded 42" 16" x 55" x 43.5" 12.5kg a b $625.00
HWE Style Folding Ladder - Side/Rack Mount 8" x 14" x 34" 4kg a b c d $325.00
Folding Ladder - Front/Rack Mount 10" x 14" x 38" 4.5kg a b c d $495.00
Coming Soon! - TBA TBA TBA kg a $ TBA
Volkswagen Beetle - All years
HWE Style (Straight) 13" x 45" x 45" 9.5kg a b $375.00
HWE Style (Offset) 13" x 45" x 43" 9.5kg a b c $375.00
Jim Dandy Style - Fanny Pack 23"x 44" x 41" 8kg a b c d e f $495.00
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Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CDN)

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